Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants are known for their energy efficient operation, fast operating mode, user friendly control panel and prolonged working life. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their operating charge and productivity level.
Filtration System
Provided Filtration Systems are appreciated for their ergonomic design, ease of maintenance and low operating charge. These are capable of filtering 250 l to 20000 l of water in every hour.
Electrocoagulation System
Offered Electro Coagulation Systems are acknowledged for their ease of handling, low operating and maintenance cost. These systems can be operated in 220 v to 440 v voltage range and these have long working life.
Water Membrane
Provided Water Membranes are acknowledged for their unique salt rejection performance, accurate diameter and long lasting quality. With having back flushing facility, these products can be used under 40 degree C operating temperature.
Membrane Bioreactor System
The provided Membrane Bioreactor Systems are used in Cooling water feed, boiler water feed, hospitals, commercial areas, chemical industry, and textile systems. Magnesium and calcium particles that induce water hardness can be evacuated effortlessly.
Water Recycling Plant
The processing time in our Water Recycling Plant between recharging cycles relies upon the hardness and quantity of the water. It is used to purify the water effortlessly without obstructing the internal components.
Wastewater Recycling Plant
As hard water goes through our Wastewater Recycling Plants, the magnesium and calcium exchange places with sodium particles that are held freely and are effortlessly supplanted by magnesium and calcium particles.

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